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These are a few pieces of highly rated content from readers. I’ll switch them out every now and again.

Phobic to Philic: I love exercise, but life wasn’t always this way

Domains and Stasis: How the “modernity” of my marriage prevents us from decorating our living room, ever

Top Five Percent: Everyone is really, really good at something

Silently Skyping With My Sister: The challenges of Skyping with a well-loved sister who can’t talk

“I Wish Things Were Different”:  When someone you love so much dies

“Our Milk”: Nursing sucked, and then I couldn’t wean

Do Not Touch My Head: Cutting the hair of a hysterical baby

The Parenting App: Marriage and parenting are hard, even for other people!

Birthday Cards from Beyond: I don’t know, just read it

A Personal Compendium of Nausea Related Policies, Coping Mechanisms, and Fun Facts: Pregnant? Use this guide to help you barf less — or at least feel better about barfing

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