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Halloween Execution

November 1, 2008

That title sounds grim and does not refer to slaughter or any other sort of death. It just refers to what I actually did for my costume. Execution, as opposed to ideation.

To refresh, the idea was to dress my pregnant belly up like a Barack O’Lantern.

This is a great one, of course, well executed with an actual pumpkin by a person with time, drive, and skill. It has the soft glow of white light casting through the orange.

For my costume, I just colored in one of the Yes We Carve stencils, realized I didn’t have any safety pins, then took a nap. Matthew came home and helped me attach it to my shirt.

We ate dinner with Andrea and Drew, 2 friends we haven’t seen in far too long, at Chavella’s which is in Prospect Heights. (Highlights — a yummy chorizo and potato taco with crema fresca and a pickled jalapeno — and a flan accented with lots of orange peel.)

Too late in my project — which mostly involved coloring, which I remembered that I don’t particularly enjoy — did I realize that the friends we were meeting for dinner are actually professional artists, and that clipping a poorly colored piece of paper to my shirt might just confuse them, but it was too late!

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  1. November 1, 2008 11:21 pm

    i had no idea, even after all these years, you liked halloween so much? Did i know that and forget? Hmmmm… anyway, love the belly costume!

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