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Happy Monthday!

April 5, 2010

i couldn't find monthday sushi: this is birthday sushi! happy happy.

Hi readers,

Happy Monthday!

Today (actually yesterday, but that was already two holidays at once )  . . . today marks a month since the inception of this blog at this address. Whee! It’s been a fantastic month so far.

Thanks to each and every one of you! And special thanks to every commenter.

And especial (that’s espanish) thanks to some of my favorite bloggers, tweeters, and pals, who have helped build momentum over here on the Avenue by recommending specific pieces or simply sending readers to the blog as a whole through Facebook or Twitter.


Evan over at Two Dishes to But to One Table
Alexis from Knot Sew Crafty
Julia at Venn Circus (who is also helping with design aspects of the site)
Sona, writer and director of the film For Real
Kim, Playwright and director

If you know someone who might enjoy Church Avenue Chomp, please let them know!

I’ve been leaning on social media (mostly the F word) to let you know when a new post is published, but if you like what you read, I encourage you to subscribe via email or subscribe to posts via RSS, both of which you can do in the right column.

Astute question: If I subscribe via email, why don’t I get the whole post emailed to me?

Informed answer: Because of an act called “scraping,” which is when someone, or a robot, goes through The Web and steals content. (I recently discovered that sections of an article I’d written in 1997 were eerily re-represented, with no attribution, in an article published 3 years later by an award-winning writer. Perhaps she did not want to bother to make her own turducken.)

Speaking of which, I need to go out and buy a Halal chicken, though I will not be stuffing it. But I may be “broasting” it. (A product I got called Broast was likely the inspiration for the Zoaster.)

Wish me luck out there!

Warm and featherly,


Special thanks to gamene on Flickr for Creative Commons use of this bento pic. And this isn’t even the best one!

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  1. Axuve Espinosa permalink
    April 6, 2010 8:48 pm

    You were born to blog (and write). Happy Monthaversary!

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