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You’ve Got to Move It, Move It

June 17, 2010

Brief post to say: I am desperately trying to book movers. I wasn’t desperate until I called the Wongs — would that we could use the Wongs, who are reputedly older but very strong and very inexpensive and very competent — but alas, the Wongs are booked. Then I called Rainbow, because Rainbow sounds strong and gay and cheerful, which is just what one requires on moving day. They are also booked until July 2nd.

July 2nd? What do you mean July 2nd! I will have started my new life by July 2nd!

I had gotten lots of recommendations from people in the neighbhorhood and other places, and so I called on. And on . . .

Many of the movers are out moving things and can’t answer, but you can fill out web forms to ask about availability. But instead of just asking a person over the phone if they can move a big 2 BR, you have to estimate what you need moved in order to complete the form. Like, all of your possessions.  So I compiled a fast estimate of our things. It had some excruciating details and took a long time, though I did it very quickly, and admittedly did not get up from my station on the bed and look around the apartment to do so. But I did picture every room, and list piece after piece of furniture. And I upped my box estimate from 50 to 52 in order to lend myself credibility. Perhaps it would seem like I’d already packed!

And as it turns out, at least one company isn’t busy on June 30th, and can do it! I was delighted to read their very low estimate until I saw the accompanying note asking “Don’t you have any rugs? Floor or desk lamps? How about bikes? Do you people have a bed?”



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  1. April permalink
    June 17, 2010 4:34 pm

    You people! I remember one time when you moved in New York and you said breezily, ” I just hired someone I found on craigslist.” and I don’t remember how that move went but it was the first time I ever even heard of craigslist.

  2. Michelle permalink
    June 18, 2010 2:26 pm

    Nope, no bed. It’s a STATION.

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