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Plip Plop Plip Plop It’s the Waters of March

May 21, 2011

What a treat: a video of the recording of one of the most charming, lovely duets there ever was: Waters of March written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and performed here by Elis Regina and Tom Jobim. (Jobim seemed to have been known as Antonio Carlos when writing, and Tom when performing: same guy.)

This is the Portuguese version, which is my favorite to listen to, though it’s really fantastic to hear or read the lyrics in English, too. The song is a poem more than a song, but then again, it’s a better song than most.

A favorite moment is the whistling that goes along with the piano and plucked strings over the bass. I also love the flourish and subsequent dancing after the two minute mark.

It also makes me cozy because Jobim’s sweater is the sort of v-neck cashmere that Matthew prefers, and being a radio guy, he loves headphones like that, too.

The first time took a long time to load, for me, but once it’s on there, you can just watch it forever. You could also click back to where it appears on YouTube and read the notes on the composition, which explain how it’s more of a series of images that form a collage rather than a narrative.

I found this linked to on the Brooding Hen, a blog I like. So when you’re ready to take a break from this video, you, too, can visit the Brooding Hen to find tiny perfect projects to do with and for your perfect children, like making weency books out of paint samples, or oobleck.

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